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Host Your Event in Our
Private Event Rooms!

We offer three private event rooms for groups of 10-85. 

Group of 100 or more?  Rent out the whole facility on a Saturday Afternoon 12-3pm or Sunday


Event Room

Let us know about your event and we will quickly email you Availability & Pricing!


We will send you a booking form to submit if you want to confirm your event room booking.


M-TH 11:30am-9pm

Fri 11:30am-10pm

Sat. 4pm-10pm

Closed Sundays

Saturday Afternoon & Sunday:

We book buffet style private events of 100 - 300 guests

Thanks for submitting!

3 Private Rooms to Choose From
Lakeside Room:  Seats up to 30
Sunset Room:  Seats up to 60 (includes a private patio)
Wildfire room:  Seats up to 85

How does the 'NO ROOM FEE' Work?

There is no room fee as long as you spend the food/beverage minimum.  The minimum ranges based on room and time of day (contact us to learn the minimum for your event!).  20% gratuity and Hamilton County Tax is also collected.  The only outside food we permit is a cake.  $20 cake fee applies.


All rooms include a smart TV for presentations and slide shows.  We include linens and wait staff.  It is often possible to scheduled  time to decorate 30 minute prior to your event, please ask if you would like to schedule decoration time. We ask that you take down all decorations by the end of the 2-3 hour event time.  Please treat our painted walls as you would treat your painted walls at home.  If you wish to adhere anything to our walls, you may only use blue painters tape.  We do not supply the blue painters tape, the do sell it at Mendards down the road.  We do not permit ANY CONFETTI or SCOTCH TAPE, PACKING TAPE, or 3M hanging devices to be applied to our walls.  There is a $100 fee if you use confetti or apply any tape to our wall that is not blue painters tape.


We have three food options for event rooms.  Groups under 20 guests can order from our regular menu.  Groups over 20 guests can select our limited menu (Cobb Salad, Street Tacos, Fish & Chips, Firehouse Pasta, Cowboy Burger with Fries) or choose from our many appetizer and lunch/dinner buffet choices.  We do make-your-own-taco buffets, Italian feasts, Firehouse Favorites, and more!  (Menu links are below and on our Facebook Page)


Any unmet minimum will be charged as a room fee. The total amount of the bill is due at the end of the event, and we accept all major credit cards and cash as payment.


Soft drinks are $2.95 each and are rung up as ordered.  Water is complementary.  We handle alcoholic beverages the way you instruct us.  If you wish to offer alcohol to your guests, we can set out one of these three alcohol menus:

1.  open bar (all beer, all wine, all mixed drinks)

2.  beer & wine only

3.  $7 flat fee drink tickets with a $7 menu (includes FHGB & domestic drafts, house wine, well drinks). 

We can give you drink tickets to limit the quantity of drinks.  We can cut off at a certain time or certain dollar amount.  Just give is instructions on how you wish drinks to be handled.


You can cancel a reservation up to 1 week before your event.  Just give us written notice!

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